Christina Perozzi Drinking

Branding, Public Relations & Business Development:
There’s a reason why beer is the most social beverage in the world. It’s a perfect vehicle from which to shine a media spotlight. Christina uses her beer knowledge to highlight and bring attention to your business through special events, social media and other beer-related efforts. Through her contacts she forges strategic partnerships and leads business development efforts through the wonderful beverage known as beer!

New Product Development & Market Research:
Craft beer is the most successful alcoholic beverage in the world, even in this time of economic downturn. Many people are looking to get into the business, but don’t know what it would take and don’t know how to do it in a way that is credible and respectable in the world craft beer. Christina is immersed in all aspects of the craft beer world. She brings the right people together to provide invaluable market research to ascertain the development potential of new products, places, breweries, etc.

Menu Development:
Christina personally designs a client’s beer list, providing guests with the highest quality beers focusing on a variety of style and provenance that can satisfy almost any palate. This list is handcrafted and exclusively customized.

Staff Training:
The single thing that can differentiate a craft and artisanal beer destination from any old bar is staff training, period. Christina provides indispensable training to management and staff with “Beer 101,” providing tasting, history, style and cultural notes for each beer on their new list, and empowers servers with proven sales techniques.

Clients Include:
Celebrity Chef Govind Armstrong’s 8 oz., Cedd Moses’ 213 Downtown, Laurel Tavern, Rustic Canyon Wine Bar & Seasonal Kitchen, Spring Street, Lion Nathan, the National Beer Wholesalers of America, DeschutesBrewing Co., Artisan Ales Distributing, Blue Ocean Group, Blue Flame Marketing, Essex Public House, Library Bar, TheOtheroom, Tengu Westwood, Charlie’s Malibu, HQ Burger Bar the Hyatt Regency and other corporations breweries, restaurants, hotels, taverns, bars, bistros, etc.

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