Browse Month: May 2013


The Beer Chick
Named Best Beer Sommelier in Los Angeles by Los Angeles Magazine Christina Perozzi, aka, The Beer Chick,  has gained a large following as one of the top beer experts in the United States.  In addition to consulting for local, national and international breweries, restaurants, bistros, bars, taverns, hotels, etc.; she is also an author, blogger, writer and public speaker.

She was born and raised in St. Louis, MO: home to the largest beer manufacturer in the world, mega-brewery Anheuser Busch. Graduating with degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Speech Communication from Indiana University, Christina headed to Chicago where she honed her event planning skills with the association management firm Smith, Bucklin & Associates.

After moving to Los Angeles (as a musician no less), Christina realized her affinity for the beer world while managing the famous Father’s Office in Santa Monica, CA.  Seeing the growing interest in craft beer and the lack of beer knowledge in the world, she started her own consulting company.

In 2009 she co-authored the book The Naked Pint: An Adulterated Guide to Craft Beer with fellow friend in beer Hallie Beaune (The Penguin Group, New York, NY). The duo also have a new book The Naked Brewer:  Fearless Homebrewing Recipes, Tips, Tricks & Rulebreaking Recipes coming out in October of 2012 (The Penguin Group, New York, NY)  Christina is the co-executive editor of the website The Beer Chicks and founder of the online social network and beer blog Beer for Chicks, giving beer expertise from a woman’s perspective.  Her mission is to dispel the myths that people have about beer and to bring beer to the forefront of the modern dining experience, raising it to the status it deserves.

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